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December - Super ban on super funds

December - Banking & Finance Summary Updates - December 2020

December - Legalwise Insights - 'You Have the Right to Remain Private'

December - Financial Services Newsletter Vol 19.9

- 'Is it responsible to remove "responsible lending"?' is at page 112

- 'The DL on BNPL: ASIC's update on the buy now pay later industry' is at page 116

- '5th Annual Legalwise Credit Law Conference' is at page 121

November - Responsible lending changes consultation released today

October - CBAs gamble lands them $15,000 out of pocket

October - Life's a Beach for CFD issuers

October - 30 years of credit and COVID-19 - Informa Credit Law Conference presentation slides

October - Financial Services Newsletter Vol 19.7 - 'RG 271 - Internal dispute resolution - are enforceable regulatory guides the way of the future?'

September - Financial Services Newsletter Vol 19.6 - 'More questions than answers: Treasury releases litigation funding regulations ahead of 22 August deadline'

August - Privacy Law Bulletin - 'How to notify a data breach in 30 days'

August - Financial Services Newsletter Vol.19.5

- 'Winner winner wagyu dinner: ASIC loses appeal in Westpac responsible lending case' at page 48

- 'A sea change concerning CCI products sees significant remediation for wronged consumers' at page 56 

July - Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin - 'Appealing AFCA: what rights do financial firms have?'​

June - Electronic signatures, remote witnessing and COVID-19

June - "COVIDSafe" privacy safe? Is Big Brother concerned for your health?

June - The final tranche in the move against CCI products

June - Revised timelines for Banking Royal Commission reforms, Design and Distribution Obligations and Open Banking

June - Banking & Finance Summary Updates

May - 'Australia' chapter in The Banking Regulation Review 11th edition 

April - Make sure your business is COVered from COVID-19

April - ASIC's new regulatory framework for foreign financial services providers 

April - Cashed up consumers from Cash Converters settlement

April - Banking & Finance Summary Updates

March - Financial Services Newsletter Vol 18.10

- Product intervention power 2.0: is the ACCC's proposal copycat power poised to disrupt the consumer product space?

- 4th Annual Credit Law Conference 

March - Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin 

- Walking the line between general and personal advice: Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Westpac Securities Administration Limited 

- Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Westpac Banking Corp (Liability Trial) 

March - Credit reporting and the consumer data right

February - APRA details discussions on digital wallet regulatory framework 

February - It's raining consultations: What draft legislation has the government dropped in 2020?

February - Banking & Finance Summary Updates



December - TAGLaw re-published 'The Consumer Mortgage Experience: Do Lenders Shape Up?'

December - Financial Services Newsletter published 'Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Westpac Banking Corp (Liability Trial)'

November - ASIC targets Banking Royal Commission Case Study: Has judgment day begun?
November - Personal advice or general advice? The Full Federal Court decides

November - Banking & Finance Summary Updates

November - ARCA 2019 National Conference Powerpoint

November - ARCA 2019 National Conference Handout 

October - Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Westpac Banking Corp (Liability Trial)

October - Open Banking moving forward with rules released and fintechs chosen for testing

October - ASIC target car yards in newest proposed use of the product intervention power

October - Banking & Finance Summary Updates 

September - Fintech regulation in Australia

September – The consumer mortgage experience: do lenders shape up?

September - Other things to take note of this month

August - Pointing the finger at privacy law: Fair Work Commission's new take on when a direction is lawful and reasonable

August - Westpac wins responsible lending case against ASIC

August - APRA applies additional requirements to three major banks in response to self-assessments

August - Restoring Trust in Australia's Financial System - Financial Services Royal Commission Implementation Roadmap 

August - ASIC v Kobelt [2019] HCA 18 - Supplying "book up" credit to an Indigenous community 

August - ASIC sues ANZ for misrepresentations and unconscionable conduct over account fees

August - ASIC finds CCI has 'consistently failed consumers'

July - ASIC consults on new foreign AFS licencing regime which all foreign financial services providers should know about 

July - ASIC releases Consultation Paper 316 - Using the product intervention power: Short term credit 

July - ASIC ensures licensees meet their AFCA membership obligations 

July - ASIC releases public submissions in response to Consultation Paper 309 - Update to RG 209: Credit licensing: Responsible lending conduct (CP 309) 

July - ASIC releases two Information Sheets regarding new whistleblowing laws 
July – Privacy Law Bulletin
July – Financial Services Newsletter

June - OAIC releases its 12-month Notifiable Data Breaches report 

June - APRA consulting with ADIs on APP 223 

May - Westpac and ASIC back in the ring following rejected settlement 

May - Fair Work Commission's surprising interpretation of the Australian Privacy Principles 

May - One of the world's largest crypto exchanges hacked for 7,000 Bitcoins
April – Banking & Finance Insights
March – Financial Services Newsletter
February – Banking Royal Commission Rundown: The Findings of the Final Report
February – Banking Regulation Review chapter
February – Financial Services Newsletter
February – ASIC announces intention to update RG 209
January – Banking and Finance Law Bulletin
January – Responsible lending update – ASIC vs Westpac Banking Corp
January – ASIC reviews “Buy Now Pay Later” Industry














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